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Computer Guy Tips  May 1, 2018
Some Useful Websites for your Review
  • Account Killer -- a free site that has a collection of direct links and instructions on how to easily delete your accounts with Facebook, Twitter, Google, Groupon and hundreds of other sites and services. With its color-coding system, you can see at a glance if a site will be easy or hard to leave. 
  • Google Fonts -- collection of free fonts that you can download and use for free. From exotic to edgy fonts, Google has you covered! Just hit the "quick use" button of any font that you may fancy and start using it for your projects, papers or websites.
  • Search Tempest -- handy search engine lets you look up multiple classified ads in one easy search. Just enter your ZIP code, your search keywords and it will crawl through eBay, Amazon, and eBay for relevant results.  Even better, SearchTempest also has a section called AutoTempest that lets you search eBay, Craigslist,, Auto Trader, Cars Direct and Oodle all at once for car listings.
  • Printable Paper -- download and print more than a thousand varieties of old-school templates for free. Choose from lined notebook paper, graphing paper, monthly budget spreadsheets, music sheets - any throwback paper sheet you can imagine, Printable Paper has them all.
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