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Computer Guy Tips  April 10, 2018
Some of the top trends at CES for 2018
  • Bigger and Clearer TVs -- many stores now offer 4K tvs but 8K is on the way.  Modular tvs are also on the rise, screens put together to make a larger screen.
  • Wireless charging -- more and more ways to charge your devices without a wire.  Over the air charging is also in the works, being able to charge your device from 2ft away.
  • AR over VR -- Augmented Reality.  PC generated images over the users real world view to enhance everything you see, feel and hear.
  • Voice Assistants -- Alexa, Siri, Cortana are just the beginning.  These assistants will be able to do even more tasks and they will not just be on phones, tablets and computers.  You may interact with them through the tv, refrigerator or even the car regularly.
  • Ultra thin laptops -- these have already been around but they will continue to get smaller and lighter as well as more powerful
  • Health Gadgets -- these devices are on the rise .. wearable headband to enhance sleep .. mouth guard that detects concussions .. smart swimsuit that tracks water workouts .. and much more
  • Routers Enhance with security -- Router manufacturers will team up with software vendors to create routers that have enhance virus and firewall security.
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