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Computer Guy Tips  April 10, 2018
Keep Your Router in Top Shape
  1. Make sure your router firmware is kept up to date.  Firmware is the operating system of the router.  Manufacturers change the firmware from time to time to keep hackers from exploiting the router.
  2. Make sure your wifi is secured.  It should be secured with WPA2 security with a complex password.  If you have older devices, you may need to use a mixed WPA2/WPA option to allow them to connect.
  3. Change the manufacturer default password to log in to the router settings.  The default password is either admin, password or blank.  Change this password to keep anyone from altering your router settings without your knowledge.
  4. Try using MAC filtering.  Each electronic device that you connect to the internet has a MAC address often printed on a white label.  It is listed as a series of letters and numbers grouped in twos separated by a colon.  By doing this, the router will only allow the devices whose MAC addresses have been listed to connect.  The downside to this is that when you have guests, you will need to add their MAC address before they can connect.
  5. Hide the SSID (Network Name).  This keeps anyone from seeing and connecting to your network without having the exact SSID and password.  You will need to manually enter the SSID and password to connect to the network.
  6. Check your DNS settings.  This is typically the ip to your internet provider.  Learn to know it.  If it changes, then you could be going to bogus websites without even knowing it.
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