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Computer Guy Tips  March 27, 2018
Malwarebytes Premium 3.4.4
Malwarebytes has been upgraded as we mentioned last week.  If you have this product installed on your computer, you will have received a pop up in the lower right corner to install the upgrade.  Go ahead and install the upgrade by clicking the pop up and following a few quick steps.  If you don't have this product, we encourage you to call and purchase it from us, not directly, so we can make sure it is done properly and you are not scammed.
Facebook Privacy Issues
Facebook  has found itself in lots of trouble lately.  It has come to light that two instances of data being misused and mismanaged.  Cambridge Analytica uses Facebook to mine user data for political benefits.  There was also an instance involving Facebook logging all info including calls on Android phones.  What can anyone do?
First, you can deactivate your Facebook account and don't use it for a while or just stop using it completely.  OR you can be more vigilant about what gets posted.  Be careful not to post items on your feed that you wouldn't want anyone to see.  Photos, status updates, likes, comments etc are all out there for everyone to see so be careful that, again, you wouldn't care if anyone saw any of these items.  The other issue is what people post on your timeline.  You might be very careful but someone else might put something controversial or embarrassing on your timeline.  You can stop this by going into your settings, then Timeline and Tagging and change who can post on your timeline to Only Me.

Free Streaming Device
Clark Howard has offered up some great advice ...

Apple TV 4K, Roku Express and Amazon Fire TV are three of the most popular products on the market that allow people to cut the cord from the big cable tv conglomerates and to stream their favorite tv shows and movies via the internet.  Now, some streaming providers are giving these devices away for free if you sign up for their services.  The catch is that you get these devices for free after prepaying for services for a certain period of time.

AT&T's DirecTV Now is offering an Apple TV 4K w/ Siri Remote if you prepay for 3 months of their service totaling $105.  DirecTV Now is also offering an Amazon Fire TV Pendant if you prepay for just one month of service at $35.  SlingTV is offering a free Roku Express if you prepay for two months of their service.  SlingTV is ala carte so prices vary starting at $20/mn.
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