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EBlast April 2 2018

Computer Guy Tips  April 3, 2018
Brand new Maintenance Plans
We have developed new maintenance plans for our clients.  The main purpose of these maintenance plans is to take away the burden of those things that always come up, but you hate to call.  Now, you call for these pesky issues because it is already paid.  The new plans are paid for monthly to ease the burden of so much up front cost.  They all now include your annual virus protection software.  We also add on those other annual renewals like Office 365, Carbonite and Malwarebytes.  Those are charged up front and renewed immediately for a year.  That's good because the client knows they will not lose the use of their product and we won't have to chase you down during the year.  It's a win-win for everyone.  Click HERE to see those new plans and feel free to call Linda to discuss further. 843-815-8520
Is it time to cut the cord?
There are now so many ways to watch or stream tv online.
  1. Hulu with Live TV -- $39.99/mn -- Hulu has long been a provider of streaming content that has previously aired.  They didn't have every program or every channel which made some cord cutters reluctant to transition.  However, they added an exciting new feature.  They continue to provide the content that they did before but now also offer 50 or so live tv channels.  Click here to check out the details.  On their site is a link to check availability for your area as some channels may not be available.
  2. Sling TV -- A la Carte service starting at $20/mn -- Sling TV started as a service that tapped into your home cable subscription from a remote location, in essence sharing your subscription with another location.  It has now become a big player in the streaming field.  You can watch live tv on many internet connected devices.  Sling TV allows you to pick a base subscription and add-on certain groups or go completely a la carte.  Click HERE for more details.
  3. DirecTV Now -- Plans start at $35/mn -- DirecTV's online streaming model is similar to that of their satellite offer.  However, with this service, you watch the programing on your internet connected device or smart tv.  Click HERE for more details.

We are happy to assist you with your transition or perform the whole transition for you.

Click HERE for a great chart put together by Kim Kommando, the Digital Goddess.
Malwarebytes' browser add-ons are ready!
As you know, we have been encouraging everyone to use Malwarebytes Premium and to allow us to set it up and renew it for you.  Well, GREAT NEWS!  Malwarebytes has now finalized their browser add-ons/extensions for both Firefox and Chrome
.  These browser extensions get added to the browser to block malicious web content and pop-ups.  It has been very effective with blocking those bogus tech scam pop-ups.  Give us a call to schedule a remote to log into your computer to check the current state of your browsers (most people don't realize that their browser is infected or hijacked) and to add these essential tools to Firefox and Chrome.  Call Linda at 843-815-8520!
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